Send A Parcel With Us

Send A Parcel

Are you about to send a parcel abroad? Why not try a different courier? Seven Seas Worldwide has been moving personal belongings around the world for nearly twenty years. We know a thing or two about parcel delivery, wherever in the world your parcel is going.

Seven Seas Worldwide leads the way when it comes to sending excess baggage and domestic items nationally and internationally; we’re often the first choice for students studying abroad, holidaymakers with one suitcase too many and families starting a new life overseas.  But what few people know is that we’re also here for other eventualities, like if you want to send a parcel. And that’s what this section is about. Whether you want to send a commercial shipment to a colleague in South Africa or a care package to a relative in New Zealand, we have the parcel delivery service for you.

If you're looking to send parcels at an affordable rate without the carbon footprint, try our SeaPost service - a perfect option for those sending items abroad on a regular basis from the UK to Australia and aren't planning to travel to the other end to receive them.  

Seven Seas Worldwide have depots all over the world. We're very proud of this network. It's awesome. However, this doesn't mean we can't be there for the smaller, more localised mini moves. For this we have Nationwide Mini Moves and City Moves, both designed for those who need to move personal belongings, baggage, furniture, anything really from A to B - within the same country, or the same city.

As we're in the packing and shipping business, we thought it worthwhile to tell you how to pack for these long journeys. There are some hints and tips you may find come in useful. Oh and don't forget, if you are shipping items with us, it's a good idea to check out our parcel insurance. Yes, we know it's not the most exciting topic - and our track record for delivering goods intact and on time is excellent - but we must allow for the fact that the seas can be unpredictable at times. Take a look and see how we can cover your items.

For any other information or you just want a chat with a member of our team - and why wouldn't you? - call 1 300 216 698 today.