Think Small (Shipping Containers, That Is)

Small Shipping Container

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a service to make moving less stressful: a small shipping container from your front door.

Think about it: These are your prized possessions and you're just going to throw them into the back of a van or wedge them inside your car? Think again. Talk to us about our strong, sturdy and reliable mini shipping container, designed to withstand long journeys. They're ideal for moving home and just a little bit more dependable than your average removal van.

So how do we get a miniature shipping container to your door? Simple. We load it inside our MoveCube®.

The MoveCube® is designed to take shipping containers all over the UK and abroad. We're very proud of them. In fact, we think they're the way forward when it comes to moving your personal belongings. Of course, we would say that, wouldn't we? But let's talk you through the process to show what we mean.

First of all, the MoveCube® service brings to you, your mini shipping container for loading. All you have to do is pack your boxes and load them into the container. up to 4 hours later, we will return to collect the MoveCube® once more, then it is bound for your chosen destination, wherever that may be. It's like a taxi service for your stuff. Oh, and should you need boxes, we'll provide those too. We've thought of everything.

Give us a call or get a quote and find the right size MoveCube® for you

Speak to us today and take the stress out of moving day.